I have started having people say things to me like “I’m enjoying your blog…buy why did you start it?” This is a great question and there really isn’t just one answer. The internet is already full of great content, and the amount is growing by the day. I don’t expect ‘We Six Gricks’ to be a huge internet success story, or the go-to place for answers about raising children and taking them on adventures. But I do believe we can hit some goals I have as a father through blogging.

The list below is in no particular order but will answer the questions behind why this blog was started.

1. To Make Money

I would be dishonest if I didn’t admit that was a factor in why I blog. I typically have a full schedule and squeezing in time to write a blog may not have made my priority list if I didn’t think there was a potential for us earning a little extra money, or at lease opportunities as a family.

As a pastor, I like being available whenever needs coming in the church. So if I am going to have a side hustle it needs to be something that I can do when I want to, and not if I don’t. Blogging gives me that freedom.

Now up until this point, I can’t say I have made a profit. It’s still early for that. But I have started working to put some parts in place so earning an income could happen. Articles with links to products (like a giant unicorn sprinkler) have been set up with affiliate links to Amazon where if you buy the product I receive a cut. The links in my footer for things like Google Fi Cell Phone Service will save you $20 but will also give me a $20 bill credit. The goal is to generate enough traffic where I can make a little off these things. The one thing I don’t plan to do is let Google place ads on the site. I’m too much of a control freak for that (I don’t trust Google as you will see below).

There are a lot of great resources if you want to start blogging. The one that was the biggest encouragement to be was 21 Days to Start Earning an Incom From Blogging by Brandon A Cox. I should note that this is not an affiliate link (but he has many).

A shameless plug:

One last thing about making money, I also like saving money. I have links to Honey because it doesn’t only save me money, I have been earning money from them also. My last few eBay purchases were bigger, and I got 1% cashback on them just because I had a browser extension! I also love that it helps me find the lowest priced item, and the best coupon codes from most online stores I use. Every time someone signs up with THIS LINK I make $5 (so sign up. It’s free and worth the 10 seconds).

2. To Chronicle Experiences

In 2019 I set the goal of having 12 unique family experiences. This blog serves as a place to records them, share them, and hold me accountable. To be honest I am running pretty far behind that goal. But as I look back over my posts I am encouraged to keep going.

When I look back on my childhood I wish I had more pictures, written stories, recorded memories from things we did. In today’s world, there is no reason I can’t provide that for my family. Most people are counting on social media and their “this day in history” feature, but I have my doubt’s that’s the best long term plan (more on that subject below).

3. To Share What We Learn

I love learning! If I have been doing the same task for too long I start going crazy. I want to learn new things, I want to grow as a person, I want to be the best follower of Christ, husband, father, brother, son, pastor, and friend I can be. As I learn I plan to record what I’m learning. This hopefully helps me and could help you also.

Once what I learned is recorded I can go back and remind myself later. Many times we forget the lessons we already learned. But the thing that is even more encouraging for me is that I may be helping others also. There are topics like ‘how to recognize and deal with bad advice‘ that took me years to get to my current place. If I can cut 6 months off for someone reading a post it’s worth every second.

4. Move Outside Social Media

Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter have begun censoring, or demonetizing voices they do agree with. People like Ben Shapiro and Denis Prager are regularly being targeted. Google is even internally calling them Nazis which is ironic considering they are both practicing jews.

As a Christian, conservative, pro-life, pro-family pastor who is a lifetime NRA member and believes gender is determined at conception it’s just a matter of time until the giants want to silence my voice also. I don’t want all of my pictures and memories stored exclusively in a platform that could determine I broke their “anti-hate” policy and ban me.

As a company, I believe they have the right to control the content they host, they are accountable to their shareholders for that. But I also believe as a US citizen I have the right to look for other platforms for my voice to be heard, that’s why I blog. I don’t foresee myself being banned from social media in the immediate future but I would rather futureproof where I invest my time. In my mind, it’s better that I keep control of my content and use social media to share links.

In the future, I have a feeling private blogs, subscriptions, and RSS aggregates are how conservative conversation will continue.

Note: I am also worried that our 1st Amendment Rights are under attack. It’s a matter of time until legislation like this (telling pastors to accept the LGBT agenda) will be seen all over the country.

5. Have a hobby

What do you do to decompress? For most of my adult life, my “hobbies” have still been projects for the church. I started doing the churches media as a hobby. I started the setup of RockRMS as our church management system, and participated in their amazing community, as a hobby. It was time I found a hobby that I still used my brain and gifts, but it was a step away from Morgantown Community Church. I love the church but sometimes the best thing for my brain and emotions is for me to step away and focus on something else.

Which number surprised you the most? Comment below to let me know!

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