Meet The Gricks

The Grick Family is committed to being a family known for loving one another. Join them on this adventure we call life as they learn and grow as parents and spouses.



With over a decade experience pastoring teenagers DJ brings a unique perspective of parenting from watching the success and failures of hundreds of families.



Not only does Stef have a degree in both Bible and counseling, but she also has a passion for equipping and encouraging mothers.


By far the shyest Gricklet, A brings a love of all things administration. She keeps our family on top of lists and schedules.


She’s not a rockstar…yet! C loves performing and making people laugh. Be ready for anything when she is around because she brings passion to everything.


This inquisitive young man will chat your ear off about anything that interests him. He loves to wrestle and help with projects around the house!


This feisty lady is the youngest Gricklet. She brings a great mix of goofiness and and easy going spirit.

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