A few weeks ago was C’s 5th birthday. She has been planning for that day since she turned 4. For a year she told us that her party was going to be “Unicorn Rainbow” themed. At first, we wondered where she came up with this stuff…but after doing a little looking around on Google and Pinterest we realized that it was a pretty common theme.

Stef did a great job finding a local baker who would make C a cake without any artificial dye, she found a unicorn pinata at Hobby Lobby and even some banners. My mom and sister were a huge help with food and organization.

Stef’s mom though picked the best decoration, which doubled as an activity, at the party. She found a Giant Unicorn Sprinkler.

This thing was ridiculous, but my kids LOVED every second of the processes. From watching it inflate to playing in the water they laughed the entire time.

I expected it to be a nightmare to blow up but it wasn’t. You can use an air mattress inflater or vacuum that allows you to blow. Unfortunately, I didn’t have D batteries for my air mattress pump so I rigged up something and use the air compressor.

We pumped the unicorn sprinkler up the night before the party, put in a little extra air the day of, and then some more the next day. It didn’t stay full, but also didn’t leak as bad as I expected.

One of my kids favorite things was to have me hold them up and make it look like they where riding a unicorn. To make this work they had to sit on my hand…my arm got tired quickly.

If you have a Unicorn Loving Princess this Sprinkler will make her day…or her summer!

If you are not into unicorns there are many other options also:

Which one would your kids like the most?

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