The Gricks are a ministry family that loves spending time together and going on adventures. From early on in their relationship Stef and DJ loved being outside, bike riding, and dreamed of one day having a home with large gardens.

Their love of the outdoors has not changed and neither has their desire for adventure. As a family the regularly look for new opportunities to explore the amazing world God created.

After much thought, prayer, and discussion the Gricks decided to home school their children. This frees them from setting their schedule around school, considering ministry life often creates enough conflicts.

Meet the Gricks:

DJ: With over a decade of experience pastoring teenagers DJ brings a unique perspective of parenting from watching the success and failures of hundreds of families.

Stef: Not only does Stef have a degree in both Bible and counseling, but she also has a passion for equipping and encouraging mothers and teenage girls. She leads a growing group for young moms and serves within our church’s youth ministry.

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