As we searched for a better option for phone service we stumbled upon Google Fi. Not only did we reduce our cost, but we also now have better service then we did on AT&T or Version. I’m not promising those results, but I can tell you what we experienced.

As a couple, we are averaging about $65 / Month for mobile service. This includes unlimited calls, texts, fees, and paying for the data we use. Even when we split a plan with family and had an employee discount we couldn’t come close to this price.

But for most families, the big question is “How much does it actually cost?” I can’t make any promises but here is a rough cost breakdown for us:

  • $20 for the first line (unlimited calling and texts)
  • $15 for the second (unlimited calling and texts)
  • $20/Gb of data
  • $10 in fees and taxes

The benefit of Google Fi service is their ability to use and switch between different networks depending on what’s available. You are not just talking to one carriers towers. Now your phone has a few networks to choose from and between them automatically so you always have the best connection. What’s even better is that when you are on a strong WiFi signal your phone doesn’t use a tower at all.

The biggest drawback for many people who look at Google Fi is the price structure. If you are frugal like me, you can keep your data down and bill low. Many people suck up too much data for this to be a great option.

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Disclaimer: using the above like will also give me a credit for Google Fi.

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