In 2019 I have set the goal of taking our children on at least one unique adventure a month. Something we have not done before or in a long time. Our first adventure of the year was the PA Farm Show.

Let me start with a confession. I HATE CROWDS! A few years ago I went to the Farm Show with fewer kids and hated every second of the experience…but for some unknown reason when Stef said “Let’s go to the Farm Show today” I agreed. I am glad I did.

I loved the animals, tractors, dirt, and power tools.

A loved getting stamps at stations.

C was a little rough. About 10 minutes in she started complaining and asking to go home. This continued for about 3/4 of our time until we stopped for milkshakes and fries. From then on it was a great experience with her.

If you have never attended the Farm Show it can be a fun, cheaper family day. We spent $31 total ($15 Parking + $12 for three Milkshakes + $4 for fries) and left with a bag full of little items for the kids.

It’s too late this year but definitely something to consider in 2020!

Funny Moment: We got stopped at the Mr. Yuck stand and given stickers to label our chemicals so the kids know they are dangerous. The lady gave this whole talk about how you never mix toys and chemicals. She then offered us Mr. Yuck Frisbee which is designed to look like the danger stickers!


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