I know some of you are stressed out about “suddenly homeschooling” and I’m sure it is a huge adjustment for you and your kids! My one piece of advice would be to not overthink it.

Today my kids wanted to have a picnic, it’s a beautiful day so why not!? They decided on the menu and then got to cooking and assembling. A made banana bread for dessert, C and I made fruit kabobs, and now they are on to making sandwiches for everyone.

These moments are the perfect learning opportunity. A needed to follow a recipe, measure the ingredients, she delegated “banana mushing” to her siblings to include them in the process, and then she cleaned up. With that she is working on her reading comprehension skills, math, problem-solving (with siblings), and leadership skills (being able to delegate tasks).

C was cutting the fruit (with supervision) and then placing it on the kabobs in patterns. She’s using math skills, fine motor skills and communication skills to encourage her brother in the process. I was using his fine motor skills to place the fruit in the kabob while also naming colors.

See all of the things we’re learning as they prepared for our picnic?! These are skills that are learned in a way that will stick with them, way better than any worksheet could do.

So don’t fret! Your children are learning all day in everyday circumstances. Anything can be turned into a learning experience and it doesn’t have to take 6 hours of Pinterest searches ๐Ÿ˜‰


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