There is just nothing like eating homemade food. So the other day when Stef texted me to say she found a brand new Ice Cream Maker on clearance for $17 I was like “yes please buy that”. I have wanted one forever. And seriously, the one she got is about $45 normally.

The issue I ran into was the recipes that came with this thing all made 4 quarts (aka 1 gallon) of ice cream. Normally you buy 1.5 quarts in the store. Not realizing the difference in size the price to run this thing got us a little nervous. It was going to be like $10 for some ice cream.

As she was at the grocery store I did some research to try to bring down the price and realized the quickest way to reduce the price was just reducing the quantity we made.

I then came across this blog post about how affordable home made ice cream can be.

Sold. We made 1.5 quarts of ice cream for our kids and they loved it! The only note I would mention to the author of the linked post is that she forgot to include the price of salt and ice (if you don’t have an ice maker).

Extra Tip: Our ice maker does not hold enough Ice to make ice cream. To keep from needing to buy ice we filled a 1-gallon freezer bag with ice about 4 hours before we planned to use the ice cream maker.


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