The other day I was doing a woodworking project for Stef but didn’t have the correct size brad nail. I have a hardware store just minutes away so I could have yelled inside, gone, and been back in minutes. Instead, I went in and got I (3) ready to go with me.

Although it’s much easier and more relaxing to run errands by myself I try to always take at least one child with me. This slows me down, creates the potential for extra issues, and cuts into my precious alone time…and it totally worth it.

Shows my children I value them:

As we pull away from the house with just one child strapped in I look in the rear view mirror and see a smile every time! This is one of those moments I can complement things I have been seeing in them and ask them about things it seems they have been struggling with. When we get to the store I always try thinking of the aisles they would be most interested in and we detour for them to window shop. We don’t leave with special prizes for them, but that’s okay because the one-on-one time is enough.

Reduces the stress on my wife

Let’s be honest, the last thing Stef wants me to do on my day off is leave her home alone again with 3 kids. Her ideal scenario would be for me to take all 3, which I occasionally do, but just taking one changes the dynamic in our house enough.

Teaches my children life skills

Pushing the cart, checking off lists, finding the best price per unit, putting items on the counter, and inserting the credit card are regular things my kids help with at the store. These are things that train them for the future, but are way easier to teach one on one.

Do you have any rules like this in your home?


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