The date was December 26th, 2008 and I was very new to youth ministry, fortunately, one of our volunteer youth leaders was raised in the youth ministry and willing to help. An all-nighter outreach was coming up she Stef and I meet to plan out the night together.

After spending some time planning she suggested we take a break and do a sonic run, which sounded good to me. After getting two Route 44 Strawberry Lime Aids we headed back to the church to keep going. We ended up just sitting in the car talking for a long time.

Eventually, I built up the courage. In one of the most cheesy moves in the history of the world, I bet Stef a quarter I could kiss her without touching her. After reluctantly agreeing to my “magic trick” I leaned in and kissed Stef on the cheek and whispered: “I guess I owe you a quarter, but will you be my girlfriend?”

Yeah, I know super cheesy, but who cares IT WORKED!

Fast forward 4000 days and the feelings I had that day were nothing compared to how I feel today. Stef not only is an amazing wife, but she is a phenomenal mother also. She amazes me every day with how she loves me and our family.

I am blessed and look forward to the next 4000 days together!


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